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Buy Buck Naked, Guide to Sucessful Deer Hunting Today by Jim Collyer

“A big buck is not the goal, but rather the result of doing things right.”
The book, Buck Naked, is completely different from any other hunting book ever written. What’s different about it? Two words; Chest hair.
Buck naked is different. It discloses the methods and mindset necessary to produce the results you want. Buck Naked shows there’s more to deer hunting than what’s on the surface. If you want sugar-coated hunting advice, go elsewhere-this book is not for the faint of heart. It’s the no B.S. – no holds barred straight dope on trophy deer.
Let’s face it, if how to’s were enough every sportsman’s walls would be covered with shoulder mounts. But as we all know, Whitetail hunting is much more difficult than that. This book is packed with chin-rubbing insights to help sportsmen on their way towards meeting their hunting goals.
I’ve spent a lot of time researchung why some hunters are more successful than others. What I discovered is the focus of this book.
This book, Buck Naked, is based on my 40+ years of successfully hunting trophy whitetail hunting. Buck Naked is truly a graduate course in hunting and promises to be the fast-track on successful trophy deer hunting.

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10 % of Profits to go to
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There are an estimated 1.7 million people with physical handicaps who enjoy hunting and shooting sports in the United States, but opportunities are limited. BADF Disabled Hunter Services is the nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting hunting for people with disabilities. Established in 1993, BADF Disabled Hunter Services provides numerous hunting opportunities for the handicapped. I encourage all of my readers to contribute to nonprofit organizations which support handicapped hunting.
Ten percent of the profits from this book will be donated to BADF Disabled Hunter Services.
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