Jim Collyer-Author
Jim Collyer is an expert hunter, writer, and speaker. He has hunted from Alaska to Africa and has well over forty-five years of experience in chasing trophy whitetails. Jim is a graduate of the University of Idaho and the School of Hunting Hard Knocks.
Jim’s First book, Cracking the Success Code, co-authored with Brian Tracy is already a best-seller and features top advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing experts in a variety of industries from around the world.
Jim has been at the forefront of new hunting ideas for decades. His 1986 Outdoor Life article, “How to Call Elk Anytime,” revealed the secrets of using the sounds of a cow elk to attract bulls and bring them within range, revolutionizing the way we hunt. Today, cow calling is common in virtually every elk hunting camp across the continent. Separating fact from fiction, Buck Naked promises to be as revolutionary in the realm of whitetail hunting.