“Buck Naked” uncovers the truth about trophy hunting and what it takes to achieve consistent success. We will be discussing in detail the mind set of the hunter, buck psychology, and tactics that really work. We will be revealing the truths and shattering the myths about trophy hunting. We will explain what trophy hunting is, why you fall short of your expectations, and how you can avoid the mental lapses that prevent you from consistently harvesting HUGE BUCKS. The secrets to consistent success will surprise, even astonish you.

If an average “Joe” ,like me, can achieve consistent success, you can too. If your goal is to harvest trophy class Bucks on a regular basis, read this book. You will learn the secrets and the habits that will allow you to harvest the BUCK OF A LIFETIME-this year and every year.


Wow! Thank you for the breath of fresh air, not to mention all the insightful information. This book has given me a whole new outlook on deer hunting. I can’t wait until next season. Buck Naked is truly a graduate course in trophy hunting.

M.N. – Illinois

I loved this book. I especially liked your philosophy of trophy hunting. Hunting is a sport of noncompetition and that’s one of the things that appeal to me most. Jim, you are the “Zen Master” of whitetail hunting.

D.B. – Iowa

I used some of your tactics last fall. I admit I was skeptical at first, but after five days of hunting I took the biggest buck of my life. He was a beautiful ten-point. There is more information packed into this book than any other hunting book I have ever read and I have read most of them. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

P.F. – Georgia

Both the seasoned veteran and the novice can gain something from this book. It amazed me to think of what hunting has become. It seems that woodsmanship and a true connection to nature has been lost by today’s hunters. Thank you for reminding us what hunting is all about.

S.C. – Maine

This is an inspiring and educational book. After years of reading every book and magazine article I could on deer hunting, I realized the path to real success is within me. Buck Naked is more than a book on hunting; it is a success manual for any endeavor in life. Great stuff.

I.R. – Ohio

Excellent. Just excellent. This book is destined to become whitetail cult classic.” Thank you. That is all.

J.H. – Idaho